We sell sunglasses to help them find their forever home.

20% of net proceeds on all glasses sold go directly towards humane animal shelters in the United States. We find shelters in areas that need the most assistance and help provide them with items they need the most such as food, blankets, leashes etc.

Larger aspirations

On top of donating to existing shelters, the eventual goal of Big Bear is to raise enough money to fund and support our own animal shelter and sanctuary. This shelter will be 100% funded by our own for-profit business, allowing us to run the shelter with the interests of the animals in mind rather than relying on donations or attempting to generate revenue where revenue shouldn't be the goal.

Nonprofit woes

Like any business, non for profits are limited in what they can do by the amount of resources they have. Often times this has the unintended consequence of having to make decisions on cash, rather than what's in the best interest of the (in this case) animals in shelter environments.

For Profit. For Helping.

We think there's a better way to approach this. By creating a for-profit business to fund our charity work, we help solve one of the largest issues of running an animal shelter. This ensures that our commitment to the animals we help can stay the primary focus of our organization.